The Official Website of the Torch Relay -- BEIJING 2008The Official Website of the Torch Relay -- BEIJING 2008The Official Website of the Torch Relay -- BEIJING 2008The Official Website of the Torch Relay -- BEIJING 2008

Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Torch

Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Torch
The 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympic Games Torch. The torch is in the IOC, Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland. \ Mandatory Credit: IOC, Olympic Museum /Allsport (Credit: Getty Images)
Lillehammer 1994 Olympic Torch
Credit: IOC / Olympic Museum collections

As for the 1952 Oslo and 1960 Squaw Valley Games, a flame for the Lillehammer Games was lit in Morgedal, the birthplace of Scandinavian skiing, by rubbing together pieces of wood, as in ancient times. It was planned that this Nordic flame should unite with the genuine Olympic Flame, which started in Olympia on 16 January 1994, in Oslo on 5 February. Due to Greek opposition against a mixing of the traditional Olympic Flame with the modern symbolic winter-sports flame from Morgedal, this plan was dropped. The flame from Olympia made its way up to Oslo mainly by plane, starting in Athens. From Frankfurt it was brought to Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and then to Düsseldorf and Cologne. From there the flame reached Oslo via Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm. In Oslo both flames ignited a bonfire before the genuine Olympic Flame started for Lillehammer. The relay was completed in a most impressive way by a torch-bearing ski jumper rushing down from the Lysgardsbakkene into the Olympic Arena. For the Lillehammer Organizing Committee and the Norvegians, the torch relay from Morgedal to Lillehammer seems to have been the main event. It covered a distance of 12,000km, reaching 800 places. The ceremonies were started with a peace message.

(Credit: IOC. Click here for further information.)

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